Integrating Traditional Content with Social Media: The Rise of a DEWmocracy

26 Sep

Traditional marketing (TV, Print, Radio, the Written Word) is much more successful (especially in  today’s society) if it stimulates or feeds off of  the creation of social/contemporary content. In my opinion, Mountain Dew executed this marketing strategy perfectly with the creation of the DEWmocracy campaign.   The DEWmocracy campaign was a massive interactive marketing venture that started in 2007. The campaign involved Mountain Dew asking fans to “elect” new flavors, colors, names, packaging,  print advertisements, and commercials for a brand new user created Mountain Dew product. The company started a traditional campaign to advertise the DEWmocracy movement. This traditional movement stimulated Dew fans to create their own traditional content for the company. Fans used Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube to create and promote their custom flavor of Dew. Mountain Dew was then able to use fan submitted material in lieu of their own content.  This created a successful campaign based on the integration of social media with traditional content.

Ad Explaining DEWmocracy process:

Fan Created Billboard for Mountain Dew Revolution

Ad Promoting DEWmocracy:

Mountain Dew White Out's Twitter Account

This campaign was so successful for Mountain Dew because they followed the basics of creating reusable, sharable, and successful content:

    1. They earned the trust of consumers by allowing them to influence/create the content
    2. They understood their audience and spoke the right voice (hip, young, innovative, ambitious)
    3. They sought out content inspiration from the web (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flikr)
    4. They got their audience to care by creating a cause/movement (DEWmocracy)
    5. They were fun and exciting with the concepts (humor, interactivity)
    6. They kept the customers engaged and timed the content perfectly by releasing each stage of the creation process slowly over time (flavor first, color second, name third, design fourth, advertising fifth)

Mountain Dew’s non-traditional approach to producing traditional content has been highly successful for the company and it demonstrates the trend that traditional advertising as we know it is dying or at least shifting towards a more contemporary approach. Social media is taking over the world of marketing and users must continue to produce reusable, sharable and successful content if they want their voices to be heard.


3 Responses to “Integrating Traditional Content with Social Media: The Rise of a DEWmocracy”

  1. Cliff Carter September 29, 2011 at 3:15 am #

    I really enjoyed when they did this interactive campaign. It was unique and effective. Are they still doing it? Have they decided on the new flavor?

  2. craigcerrito October 1, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    I agree, DEWmocracy is awesome. I think it is coming back in 2012. Voltage won the first year and White Out won the last time.


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